Influenced by my parents, I live in a sporty environment since I was young. Athletics became one of my great passions,
the passion flows with my blood. I ski, dive, ride horses,canoe, play golf,  tennis, and I swim etc.
Playing sports gives me the guts to accept failure, it inspired me that I should never give up.
In Japan, my younger brother and I experienced skiing a plenty of different levels of slopes, slopes with thick and fresh snow covered, icy slopes, sinuous slopes, U-shaped slope and even wild snow.It was always nice to have a partner doing sports with me.

Hakuba Goryu, Japan
Gstaad, Switzerland
Vanke Lake Songhua Resort, China
Rooky 3 Level Certificate of SNOW 51
Expert 4 Certificate of SNOW 51
It was usually minus 15 degree culcius or lower when skiing in the North-East part of China, which was extremely cold. My hands and feet were still frozen even though I was wearing two layers of gloves and socks. However, I still insisted skiing for at least six hours a day with my family, from morning to afternoon, sometimes at night.

This was my first time skiing in a foreign country It wasn’t cold at all when skiing in the daytime in Switzerland. I found some of the slopes quite challenging at that time, but there were lots of fun when my coach Sandro taught me different actions to use when skiing, such as getting my chest and knees touched and clamping my ski poles under my arms to make my body surface area smaller to accelerate when skiing downhill.

  • This photo was taken by me. Besides the manta, we also saw coral reefs, a sea turtle, a lemon shark and cat sharks while snorkeling in Maldives.

  • Diving training in the world's highest altitude aquarium.

  • Diving training in the world's highest altitude aquarium.

  • 2019 Snorkeling in Maldives

  • 2017 Diving in Hainan, China

Diving is a exciting sport. It will take you into a wonderful new world.
When you are under the water, you will find everything is blue and green.You can stay in deep water for a long time with tanks of air on your back, and you can catch fish easily with your hands.
I had been learning equistrian since I was eight. This outdoor horse riding camp benefits me a lot in riding skills. I proofed that I can collaborate with my horse very well when riding on different landscapes。

School organized Outdoor Educational Experience Day – canoeing, total distance 20km.

I collaborated with two girls to row our boat. Except for the time for lunch, we rowed for 4 hours in total.

There were hail, thunderstorms, and lightning in the meantime, we tried very hard to keep our boat away from the trees

on the shores. As the person being at the back of the boat, I had to balance it, prevent it from flopping, so instead of sitting on the seat,

I spent most of the time kneeling in the boat, which had got melted hail water in it, that made my legs hurt. However, I was glad that we had good teamwork so that we arrived at our destination without falling into the chilling river water,

which some of our friends in other boats did. It was exhausting but enjoyable.


This is one of the inter-house competition activities at my current school.
I was voted a triathlete by my grade. I completed rowing 1500m on a rowing machine, cycling 2000m, and running 1000m. It was challenging, but I was proud of myself that i never thought about giving up.
Besides triathlon, I stood out to participate in all the other inter-house competitions, including curling, billiards, badminton, volleyball and relay race. Some of these sports were quite new to me, i managed to get on with them quickly by discovering the common points they share with the sports that I had already been doing.  

Walter Flight
The Game Of Go
Moutain Climbing